Toddlers and Daycare

Leaving a toddler with strangers can be a very frightening experience. Especially with the horror stories you always hear. My baby will cry when I leave. Are they going to help him cope? Will they be mean to my baby because he’s crying? Allergies, what can I do to protect my child? He likes to eat when he’s hungry, not on a scheduled time. Will he starve? My child is a very picky eater. These are all outstanding concerns to have as a parent.

A Child Needs Independence

When I drop my son off at daycare, he has terrible anxiety. He is a mommy’s boy. He gives me this face like he can’t believe me. Like his whole world is crushed, and life is just horrible. He somehow at two years old accomplished putting a guilt trip on me. Even though I DID NOTHING WRONG. Most of the time, I walk away feeling just as sad as him, if not more. I realized I have anxiety as bad as him, and I need to fix that. What you need to understand is children need to learn independence. Keeping him on your hip is not doing that. So no matter how hard it is to walk away, you would be doing more harm than good by turning around. He needs to learn he’s not always going to have you there. Yes, your child will probably cry. It will be fine, though. There will be times they try to help him through it, and there will be times he will sit there and cry for a few minutes. All of this goes back to learning independence. Crying is ok and perfectly healthy. Like I was saying, he needs to learn to do things on his own. Nobody is going to baby him through life. Not you when he’s a grown man, not his girlfriend, and not his boss.

Picky Eating can be Difficult

Eating time can bring a bunch of questions. Allergies can play a big part in your anxiety. There are so many other things you are potentially concerned about, and now this comes to mind. Well, you can relax because most daycares pay close attention to allergies. Just make sure they know about the allergies and ask about the precautions they take. If you have a picky eater that eats when and what he wants, be happy, daycare can help with that. One thing I learned with my picky eater is trying to get his eating schedule at home to sync with daycare, so it’s a smoother transition. If he doesn’t want to eat, then he will wait until the next feeding. Do not give in. By next feeding, he should be much hungrier and willing to eat more food. As far as the pickiness goes, daycare won’t make ten different meals for all the kids. He definitely will learn to eat different foods as long as you practice at home with him as well. Different texture play, which I will cover in a future blog, is an excellent activity for picky eaters.

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